Building The Elite - V2

Building The Elite - V2

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If you live outside the US or Canada, or prefer an e-book, you can pick up the digital (Kindle) edition by clicking here. Or, the Apple Books edition is here.

    Expanded, updated second edition

    The second edition of the book includes 125 pages of new content, including expanded chapters on: running, rucking, swimming, water confidence, strength training, work capacity, breathing, and building workouts. 

    For the past 10 years, Craig Weller and Jonathan Pope have trained people for the toughest SOF selection courses in the world. They've trained candidates for courses in every branch of the U.S. military, as well as five other countries, including British SAS selection.

    Their clients have a 90% success rate which means 9 of 10 people make it through. (BUD/S and SFAS have drop-out rates ranging from 60-90%, FYI.)

    In Building the Elite, they give a detailed look at their SOF training system - from big-picture principles to practical exercises and programming guidelines.


    • Introduction

    Section 1 - Principles 

    • Introducing Systems
    • Thinking in Systems
    • Dealing with Complexity Well
    • Dealing with Complexity Badly
    • Minds, Models, Principles
    • Changing How You Think
    • Movement and Physical Resilience
    • Psychological Aspects of Motor Learning and Skill Development
    • Stress, Pain, and Fatigue
    • Skill Acquisition

    Section 2 - Practical Application

    • Performance Training Model, Norms, & Physiological Profile
    • Mental Skills
    • Nutrition
    • Movement 
    • Energy Systems, Breathing, Running & Rucking, and Swimming 
    • Strength & Power 
    • Work Capacity
    • Open-Ended Workouts
    • Building Workouts  
    • Example Programs
    • Mental Models

    This is a 538-page textbook designed to serve as a long-term reference guide for special operations prep or for anyone looking to perform at a high level.  

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 340 reviews
      Mark Singleton
      A Must Have!

      Content on content on content…the book that keeps on giving, in a good way. Jonathan and Craig have put together a resource unlike anything else on the market. Highly recommend all things BTE.

      Detailed and Well Organized

      This is a great read for those who love to dive deeper into understanding how the mind and body interact to consistently perform at high levels.

      Weston Blalock

      It’s making me leave a comment. Nothing to say, but 5 star.

      Matt Heintz
      Absolutely the best!

      I highly recommend this book as it is much more than a casual read on special forces. It is an invitation to a metamorphosis in life. What you become is entirely up to you, and this book will get you there. The authors have taken an extraordinary amount of thought and care in writing it. Thank you Jonathan and Craig!

      craig shillington
      Going back to school

      Such an in depth experience on everything you need and didn't realize you need to read.