Building The Elite

Building The Elite

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V2 of BTE  (an updated & expanded version of this book) is for sale here.

    For the past 10 years, Craig Weller and Jonathan Pope have trained people for the toughest SOF selection courses in the world. They've trained candidates for courses in every branch of the U.S. military, as well as five other countries, including British SAS selection.

    Our clients have a 90% success rate which means 9 out 10 people make it through. (BUD/S and SFAS have drop-out rates ranging from 60-90%, FYI.)

    In Building the Elite, they give a detailed look at their SOF training system - from big-picture principles to practical exercises and programming guidelines.


    • Introduction

    Section 1 - Principles 

    • Introducing Systems
    • Thinking in Systems
    • Dealing with Complexity Well
    • Dealing with Complexity Badly
    • Minds, Models, Principles
    • Changing How You Think
    • Movement and Physical Resilience
    • Psychological Aspects of Motor Learning and Skill Development
    • Stress, Pain, and Fatigue
    • Skill Acquisition

    Section 2 - Practical Application

    • Energy Systems
    • Nutrition
    • Open-Ended Workouts
    • Mental Skills
    • Program Standards
    • Making Workouts

    Section 3 - Summary

    • Reference Guides

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 325 reviews
    Comprehensive and Thorough

    Building the Elite is an excellent resource for anyone aspiring to service or longevity within special operations or other extremely demanding military jobs. It addresses every aspect of mental and physical preparation for these roles from the broadest conceptual levels down to the most granular practical advice, all while accounting for individuality, context, and the significantly varying demands of different roles within this umbrella (most notably the differences between roles focused on amphibious warfare vs. those that are nearly entirely land-based).

    The breadth of the topics addressed is surpassed only by the depth with which each one is explained and justified against common and beleaguered truisms. In the rough that is cookie-cutter strength and conditioning programs more concerned with eclectic exercise selection and unceasing herculean training volume than consistent and measurable progress, and clumsily articulated novellas of exaggerated personal heroism, the morals of which invariably reduce to "simply don't quit" that now form the bulk of popular books on special operations, Building the Elite is truly a diamond.

    I do not serve in one of these roles (at least not at the time of writing this review), therefore I cannot personally attest on an experimental level to the validity of the advices included within, but the conceptual framework strikes me as aggressively realistic and reasonable, free of trite and temporary motivation, and the practical advice aligns entirely with my prior understanding of physiological and psychological adaptation and stress, and informed me of numerous new concepts as well.

    Building the Elite is an excellent purchase for anyone serious about pursuing a career in the upper echelons of difficult military work, and may prove similarly valuable with some significant adaptation to those looking into specialized law enforcement, rescue, and other extremely physically challenging, risky, and stressful vocations. I strongly recommend it.

    Raeann Rose
    So far so Good!

    Only on page 82 but enjoying the book very much so far. It is well written, easy to understand, and thought provoking. Looking forward to continuing.

    Ron Duren
    Well researched!

    This (textbook) covers a lot of ground on performance psychology! I am a performance coach and professor, and I have to say I'm impressed with what the authors have done with this book. It covers a lot of territory. I really had fun digging into the wealth of knowledge to hone my craft and perform better in the game of life.

    Chris Maness
    Excellent book with vast application!

    I presently use studies, techniques, and drills from this textbook to train firefighters. It has been an excellent addition to their education, especially for their understanding of stress response and management strategies.

    Austin Hughes
    Must have for all men

    Amazing book! Full of wisdom and knowledge that will transform your mind, body and soul!!