Building The Elite

Building The Elite

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V2 of BTE  (an updated & expanded version of this book) is for sale here.

    For the past 10 years, Craig Weller and Jonathan Pope have trained people for the toughest SOF selection courses in the world. They've trained candidates for courses in every branch of the U.S. military, as well as five other countries, including British SAS selection.

    Our clients have a 90% success rate which means 9 out 10 people make it through. (BUD/S and SFAS have drop-out rates ranging from 60-90%, FYI.)

    In Building the Elite, they give a detailed look at their SOF training system - from big-picture principles to practical exercises and programming guidelines.


    • Introduction

    Section 1 - Principles 

    • Introducing Systems
    • Thinking in Systems
    • Dealing with Complexity Well
    • Dealing with Complexity Badly
    • Minds, Models, Principles
    • Changing How You Think
    • Movement and Physical Resilience
    • Psychological Aspects of Motor Learning and Skill Development
    • Stress, Pain, and Fatigue
    • Skill Acquisition

    Section 2 - Practical Application

    • Energy Systems
    • Nutrition
    • Open-Ended Workouts
    • Mental Skills
    • Program Standards
    • Making Workouts

    Section 3 - Summary

    • Reference Guides

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 301 reviews
    Adam Alvey
    Exceeds Every Expectation I Could Have.

    Navigating the transition into the selection process has been difficult, and finding resources to effectively train has been the hardest part of the endeavor. Valuable, worthwhile content is few and far between.

    Building The Elite feels like a Bible of knowledge. I read the entire book in days, both extremely engaging, intelligent and easy to digest into my schedule. I continue to leverage its content with my training program. You'll find it an invaluable resource and guide to structure mind and body, and organize thoughts into viable daily work. For one of the most difficult goals I've chosen to undertake in my life, I could not recommend a better book for you to pick up.

    Isaac Hautamaki
    Love This Book

    This book is not only an amazing resource to become an SF soldier but also for changing your lifestyle and the overall character traits you’ll be cultivating.

    Sven H
    THE handbook!

    This book provides a great cross section between the science, practicality and How. It gives the background, the function and how to apply it. If you are interested in the whole person approach to not only SOF related events, but also general human performance, this book is for you.

    Craig Lindley
    Great Text book

    I already have notes and book marks all though this thing. It has helped me correct many errors I had in my training, and is helping me create good training around my schedule as a machine shop instructor, gunsmith, father, and college student. I have even found alot of info that has helped me in the classroom reaching out to these kids, helping them find the ways they learn and how skills develop. Over all great book to help prevent injury and great mental exercises!

    Samuel Rue
    Good book

    Haven’t read but two chapters so far. But those two chapters are packed with some great info. Amazing book, already changing the way I train. Highly recommend