Building The Elite

Building The Elite

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V2 of BTE  (an updated & expanded version of this book) is for sale here.

    For the past 10 years, Craig Weller and Jonathan Pope have trained people for the toughest SOF selection courses in the world. They've trained candidates for courses in every branch of the U.S. military, as well as five other countries, including British SAS selection.

    Our clients have a 90% success rate which means 9 out 10 people make it through. (BUD/S and SFAS have drop-out rates ranging from 60-90%, FYI.)

    In Building the Elite, they give a detailed look at their SOF training system - from big-picture principles to practical exercises and programming guidelines.


    • Introduction

    Section 1 - Principles 

    • Introducing Systems
    • Thinking in Systems
    • Dealing with Complexity Well
    • Dealing with Complexity Badly
    • Minds, Models, Principles
    • Changing How You Think
    • Movement and Physical Resilience
    • Psychological Aspects of Motor Learning and Skill Development
    • Stress, Pain, and Fatigue
    • Skill Acquisition

    Section 2 - Practical Application

    • Energy Systems
    • Nutrition
    • Open-Ended Workouts
    • Mental Skills
    • Program Standards
    • Making Workouts

    Section 3 - Summary

    • Reference Guides

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 288 reviews
    Tyrell Hales
    Amazing System

    The book is chocked full of chapter after chapter of how to become a physically elite special operator/ normal guy. It starts with big picture ideas and then works it’s way down to the micro. I’m excited to implement these ideas into my training, as fell as my kids’ training. I’ve got some boys that want to become special operators and this with help them on their way.

    Max Stafford
    Solid Material

    I've been point people towards this book cause it helps create a solid foundation in developing quality operators that have good fallbacks on not just physical but the mental aspect of what it means to operate in the SOF community. No one wants a someone to question a teammate during a deployment or while getting through the pipeline. Plus you read through it for just mild SOF enlightenment its great for that as well, rebuild your programs and redevelop old tactics of training. I believe in the quality of material provided and the outstanding accomplishment put into this book. Continue to keeping the teams working and growing. Excellent Job! -Max

    T. Henry


    Beyond Excellent

    There is not a more pragmatic or insightful book to properly learn how to train for whatever selection event you have ahead of you. Really wish this was available to me earlier in life. Literally bought the book to pass down to my son. This book is invaluable.

    Eduardo A
    Gold Mine Treasure of Applicable Information

    This book is a gold mine of actionable information based not only on scientific research but also experience in the field, some of it by the authors themselves! There is so much information that I want to digest, that it is hard to know where to start! I think I'll eventually use this book as a "reference book", like, want to know about nutrition? Check that chapter. Want to know about resilience? There's a section for that too! So much of the content is useful outside the athletic context, so I guess it doesn't matter how old you are to apply those teaching concepts, but I sure wish I had it when I was younger!