Building The Elite

Building The Elite

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V2 of BTE  (an updated & expanded version of this book) is for sale here.

    For the past 10 years, Craig Weller and Jonathan Pope have trained people for the toughest SOF selection courses in the world. They've trained candidates for courses in every branch of the U.S. military, as well as five other countries, including British SAS selection.

    Our clients have a 90% success rate which means 9 out 10 people make it through. (BUD/S and SFAS have drop-out rates ranging from 60-90%, FYI.)

    In Building the Elite, they give a detailed look at their SOF training system - from big-picture principles to practical exercises and programming guidelines.


    • Introduction

    Section 1 - Principles 

    • Introducing Systems
    • Thinking in Systems
    • Dealing with Complexity Well
    • Dealing with Complexity Badly
    • Minds, Models, Principles
    • Changing How You Think
    • Movement and Physical Resilience
    • Psychological Aspects of Motor Learning and Skill Development
    • Stress, Pain, and Fatigue
    • Skill Acquisition

    Section 2 - Practical Application

    • Energy Systems
    • Nutrition
    • Open-Ended Workouts
    • Mental Skills
    • Program Standards
    • Making Workouts

    Section 3 - Summary

    • Reference Guides

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 361 reviews
    Excellent Book

    Very detailed and informative book, easy to read with good examples. Highly recommend.

    Jillian Bosserdet
    Unlike anything I’ve ever read

    I’m not in the military or striving for any SOF position, but some of the best humans I know were in those positions. I wanted to understand the training that helped to guide them and learn how to implement those skill sets in my life. This book is so much more than an understanding. It is an in-depth guide far better than any text I’ve read about strength and conditioning. They break complex topics into relatable situations (and are pretty funny.) It’s enjoyable to read and more than that it’s applicable. You feel confident in applying the concepts they’re writing about in your life - in and outside the gym. Pair the book with the app and it’s the best coaching out there.

    I’m also in school for psychology and I’ve been reading this text along with my other books… I wish everyone wrote their textbooks like these guys do. I know I’ll end up citing this book in a paper.

    And lastly, anyone who is a coach or fighter in the martial arts world - 1000% should read this.

    Just buy it.

    Jens Knoll

    Building The Elite - V2


    It's almost impossible to articulate what an incredible body of work this is.

    From a Strength & Conditioning perspective I consider the contents of this book on the shelf above the work of Siff, Verkhoshansky, Zatsiorsky, House, Johnston, Jornet et al due largely to how applicable the information is across such a vast spectrum of (tactical and otherwise) athletic persons. Anyone in any field has something to learn from Building the Elite.

    It is truly the benchmark in hybridising ones capacity on a number of athletic fronts, the results of which speak for themselves in the volume of candidates successfully making it through SOF selection under their tutelage, alongside civilians breaking boundaries they never conceived possible (such as myself).

    The 'physical' aspect only displaces the surface of the depth this book holds.

    This book will, at the very least, augment an already well developed mind or at most completely restructure it. It contains nuance and clarity across so many aspects of cognition, meta-cognition and mindset development that feed directly into better understanding what one is doing, why and how to improve upon it, I'm amazed at the feat of producing it.

    The tone is pitched perfectly, with humour, anecdote, science and subtlety, which all blend into an unmatched resource of not just information, but a facility for knowledge.

    You'll learn so much more than you expect and may be challenged with some harsh truths about what it takes to follow your dreams.

    With these guys as your guides, you better get to work.

    Best complete guide

    Book is loaded with all the information that you need to either improve your performance or prepare yourself for selection.